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Bernhard Gal - CD 'same difference', 2010.. Gal - CD 'relive', 2008 - illustration by Nalan Yirtmac.. DVD 'Installations' , Gromoga, Austria 2007.. CD 'Installations' , Gromoga, Austria 2005.. Kai Fagaschinski and Bernhard Gál - 'going roaund in serpentines', Charhizma, Austria 2005.. Book & Audio CD 'Installations'  (Kehrer / Gromoga, 2005).. CD 'Hinaus:: In den, Wald.'  (Klanggalerie, 2004).. CD 'relisten'  (Intransitive Recordings, 2001).. CD 'Defragmentation/blue' (Plate Lunch, 2000).. CD 'bestimmung new york' (Durian, 1999)





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  gal  main audio publications

  Beyond Categories DVD Video. To be published by Gromoga Records, Austria in early 2014.
CD 'same difference' (to be released in October 2010, original painting by Boulin Hu)
  same difference Audio CD. Gromoga Records, Austria, 2010 (Gromoga Records gro 11001)
Gal - CD 'relive', 2008 - illustration by Nalan Yirtmac
  relive Audio CD. Gromoga Records, Austria, 2008 (Gromoga Records gro 10801)
DVD 'Installations' , Gromoga, Austria 2007
  Installations (dvd version) DVD. Limited Edition. Gromoga Records, Austria, 2007 (Gromoga Records gro 20701)
Audio CD 'Installations' , Gromoga, Austria 2005
  Installations (cd version) Audio CD. Gromoga Records, Austria, 2005 (Gromoga Records gro 10501)
Kai Fagaschinski & Bernhard Gal - CD 'going round in serpentines', Charhizma 2005
  going round in serpentines Audio CD. Kai Fagaschinski & Bernhard Gal; Charhizma, Austria, 2005 (charizma 034)
Book & Audio CD 'Installations'  (Kehrer / Gromoga, 2005)
  Installations (book version) Catalogue Book & Audio CD. Kehrer Verlag, Germany / Gromoga Records, Austria, 2005
CD 'Hinaus:: In den, Wald.' (Klanggalerie, Austria 2004)
  Hinaus:: In den, Wald. Audio CD. Klanggalerie, Austria, 2004 (Klanggalerie gg52)
CD 'relisten'  (Intransitive Recordings, 2001)
  relisten Audio CD. Intransitive Recordings, USA, 2001 (INT018)
CD 'Defragmentation/blue' (Plate Lunch PL11, 2000)
  Defragmentation/blue Audio CD. Plate Lunch, Germany, 2000 (Plate Lunch PL11)
CD 'bestimmung new york' (Durian 009-2, 1999)
  bestimmung new york Audio CD. Durian Records, Austria 1999 (durian 009-2)
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    flut, for bass flute and quadrophonic sound projection, 2011   flut To be published as part of B. Beslic-Gal's audio CD '17/2'. Austria, 2014 (upcoming)
    The Sea of Trees, 2014   The Sea of Trees Contribution to the web release 'Autumn Soundscapes Vol.2'. Published by Mandorla Records, Mexico, 2014
    schwarzenberg (conceptual image)   schwarzenberg Contribution to Seda Roeder's CD 'Black and White Statements'. Published by Gramola, Austria, 2013
    The Sea of Trees, 2010   Void Contribution to the project 'Somewhere on the edge'. Published by Gruenrekorder, Germany, 2012
    RGB - An internedia installation at Alte Schmiede, Vienna   RGBuSW Catalogue book about 'singuhr - hoergalerie in parochial', sound art gallery located in Berlin, documenting 10 years of sound art exhibitions, including Gal's exhibition RGBuSW. Published by Kehrer, Heidelberg, Germany, 2010
    mil aguas,  intermedia installation, 2009 - photo: Bernhard Gal   Die Spitze des Eisbergs Contribution to the compilation CD 'Sudamerica Electronica 3'. Published by Sudamerica Electronica, Argentine, 2010
    solo, Tulln, Austria 2007   solo DVD documentation of the sound art exhibition 'stadtklaenge | klangstaetten', including Gal's intermedia installation solo.
Published by Allgemeiner Konsumverein, Braunschweig, Germany, 2009
    'The Desert Island Records', Tuttle Edizione, Italy, 2009   The Desert Island Project Book project 'The Desert Island Records', published by Tuttle Edizione, Italy, 2009
    Alan Licht: 'Sound Art: Beyond Music, Between Media.', Rizzoli, USA 2007   57A Contribution to the audio section of Alan Licht's book 'Sound Art: Beyond Music, Between Media.'.
Published by Rizzoli, New York City, 2007
    CD 'henri chopin remixed', Extraplatte 2006   hechre Contribution to the 'henri chopin remixed' project, curated by Juergen Berlakovich.
Schule fuer Dichtung / Extraplatte, Austria, 2006
    triMIX Compilation, Innova, USA 2006   le gocce dell'uomo del campo Contribution to the "triMIX"-Project, curated by TJ Norris. Innova Recordings, USA, 2006
    Jon's a.m. revisited, 2004   Jon's a.m. revisited Limited CDR edition (10 cds) with individually designed art work by Gal. Gallery Lukas Feichtner, Vienna, Austria, 2006
      Earshot Collaboration with Bernhard Loibner and Tom Sherman.
CD version published as part of Bernhard Loibner's solo CD _gestalt. allquiet, Austria, 2006
    90 Sekunden Wirklichkeit, Cybele, Germany  2005   This is for real Contribution to the compilation cd '90 Sekunden Wirklichkeit', published by DEGEM, Cybele Records, Germany, 2005
    Night Pulses, Intermedia Installation 2004   Night Pulses Catalogue & CDR of Gal's intermedia installation 'Night Pulses', O.K Center for Contemporary Art, Austria, 2004
    'Text and Language', Aspect Magazine, vol. 4, USA 2004   Hinaus:: In den, Wald.
(surround remix)
Excerpt of Hinaus:: In den, Wald., presented as a DVD surround remix simulating the spatiality of the sound installation.
Contribution to Aspect, vol.4, biannual DVD magazine of new media art. Boston, USA, 2004
    Twenty-Three, Intransitive USA 2004   in fusion Live recording of Gal playing Koudi (Chinese whistle) during a sauna visit.
2-CD 'Intransitive Twenty-Three', Intransitive Recordings, USA, 2004
    CD 'Rock's Role (After Ryoanji)', Art in General 2004   Three Whites CD / Catalogue of the group exhibition 'Rock's Role (After Ryoanji)', Art in General, NYC, 2004
Danza De La Muerte - R.I.P. Syntactic
  c.s.a.g. 2CD set 'Danza De La Muerte - R.I.P. Syntactic', Klanggalerie, Austria, 2003
    Sound Off 2002   enelten Catalogue+CD 'Typewriting Aloud. Typos Allowed.', SOUND OFF-Festival, Slovakia, 2002
lowercase sound 2002
  zhu shui CD 'lowercase sound II', Bremsstrahlung Recordings, USA, 2002
because tomorrow comes #4
  Tong-hua yie-shi 'because tomorrow comes #4', Magazine for Acoustic Art, Germany, 2001
CD 'klanggesetz', Initiative Minderheiten, Austria
  sprachklanggesetzt CD 'klanggesetz', Initiative Minderheiten, Austria, 2000
Dissociated Voices, Catalogue & CDR, Werkstadt Graz

Dissociated Voices

Catalogue + CDR, Werkstadt Graz, Austria, 2000

CD 'Beams and Waves', SOUND OFF 2000

Art's Birthday 2000

CD 'Beams and Waves', SOUND OFF-Festival, Slovakia, 2000

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