belit, Composition for Chamber Ensemble and Light Projection, Berlin 2004

In bright spaces, one sees better - in dark spaces, one hears better.






























Composition for Chamber Ensemble and Multi-Channel Light Projection, Berlin 2004


belit is a space-related composition for eight instruments and sixteen light sources and is the further development of a concept combining instrumental sounds and light projections that was first presented in beshadowed (for flute, violoncello, and six-channel light and sound projection, 2002). The spatial implementation of the piece is adapted to the architectural and spatial acoustic characteristics of the respective performance site. In Berlin’s Sophiensaele, eight musicians are positioned to surround the audience on three sides of the concert space. The interpreters are not directly visible; they are hidden by translucent textile walls. Light projections make their shadows alternately visible and invisible. The light score is always composed in correspondence to the music; changes in the lighting cue the musicians’ parts or mute them. Through the conscious separation and consequently the controlled coordination of visual and acoustic information, light and sound are perceived with greater awareness.
belit (2004)
8 musicians (flute, oboe, clarinet, tuba, violin (2), violoncello, double bass),
translucent textiles, 16 light sources, stones, glass jars
Premiere: Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, Inventionen-Festival, Sofiensäle Berlin, June 2004.
Commissioned by the DAAD Artist-in-Residence Program Berlin.
belit has been published as part of Gal's Book & audio CD 'Installations', Kehrer Verlag Germany, 2005.
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