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bestimmung darmstadt

Sound installation, Institut Mathildenhoehe, Darmstadt, Germany 2000

Group exhibition as part of the project 'Sisters - Graz/Darmstadt', curated by Werkstadt Graz.
Institut Mathildenhoehe, Darmstadt, Germany, October - November 2000

With bestimmung darmstadt, Bernhard Gal continues his interest in the sonic potential of language, as begun with bestimmung new york (also see Dissociated Voices). This work was created specifically for presentation at the Institut Mathildenhoehe in Darmstadt and consists of eight “voice sculptures” and a sound projection. The eight voice recordings are of the participants in the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt (Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music), whom Bernhard Gal asked in Summer 2000 to speak short statements in their respective native tongue (name, origin, age, profession, favorite composer). These recordings were the raw material for pieces of electro-acoustic music that puts the musical qualities of language in the foreground. The individual compositions are presented on three sets of headphones, which are mounted on a white, rectangular platform. Visitors can sit or lie on the platform or regard it as a visual object in the context of the overall exhibition. The names of the favorite composers are projected into the room using a pair of loudspeakers positioned in the corners of the exhibition space, serving as an 'environmental background' and acoustic link between the compositions for headphones.

Many thanks to Elaine, Fergal, Marianthi, Marc, Neringa, Pei-Chao, Samdandamba, Yeon-Hee and everybody else involved - not least to Cristina, Jeff, Mauricio, Mio, Panos, Patrick and Yueyang, who also participated in this project, but whose voice recordings were not used for the final piece.

bestimmung darmstadt (2000)
Wooden platform painted white, 3 sets of headphones, CD players, speakers


bestimmung darmstadt has been published as part of Gal's Book & audio CD 'Installations', Kehrer Verlag Germany, 2005.

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gal bestimmung darmstadt (CDR, Gromoga Records, 2001 - sold out)

1: elaine - portuguese


2: fergal - irish


3: marianthi - greek


4: marc - german



5: neringa - lithuanian


6: pei-chao - taiwanese



7: samdandamba - mongolian


8: yeon-hee - korean


9: Favorite composers


  Total time: 32.12