enelten - Audio-visual installation , Slovakia 2002







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Audiovisual Installation

enelten is based on a quotation from the testament of the Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard, in which he prohibits any performance of his works in Austria after his death. The installation presents an extremely abstract realization of this text: it was printed with an “antique” Star NL 10 matrix printer; the sounds of the printing process producing the acoustic source material for the installation. Bernhard’s text is broken down into individual syllables and graphically arranged in various versions. The printing process turns the spatial proportions into a temporal-acoustic structure. The installation at Galeria Umenia consists of four NL 10 printouts and their acoustic correspondences. The texts are exhibited on the four walls of the exhibition space. The corresponding acoustic correlatives are projected into the space from four loudspeakers.
enelten (2002)
Printouts of text compositions, audio system, loudspeakers



Group Exhibition 'Wir leben und arbeiten in Wien – Brighten the Corners', Area 53, Vienna, 2010

Festival SOUND OFF, Galéria Umenia, Nové Zámky, Slovakia, 2002 (premiere)


Part of Bernhard Gal's Book & audio CD 'Installations', Kehrer Verlag Germany, 2005.
A stereo remix of enelten has been published as part of the Catalogue & CD 'SOUND OFF 2002'.


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