Klangschatten - Music Theatre Project for Children. Klangtheater, Vienna, 2004




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Klangschatten I

Intermedia Music Project for a Young Audience (2004-)

ORF Klangtheater, Vienna, November 2004 (Austrian premiere)
PhilharmonieVeedel, Cologne,
Kölner Philharmonie, May 2007 (German premiere)

The intermedia music project Klangschatten (German for 'sound shadow') combines traditional Chinese music with new compositions and improvisations
for Chinese instruments and electroacoustic sounds.

Klangschatten features the Chinese instruments erhu, pipa, sheng, and zheng, as well as various percussion instruments within a music-theatrical scenario conceived by Bernhard Gál. Framed by a light choreography and performative elements, three musicians perform traditional Chinese music as well as compositions by Bernhard Gál and improvised sections for Chinese instruments and live electronics. The concert includes solo, duo, and trio performances. Each musician introduces his/her instrument to the young audience. These introductions are linked by a choreographed scenario, in which some of the performers are hidden behind translucent screens and thus only visible as moving shadows within colored light.

Klangschatten I

Intermedia music project for a young audience

Featuring Tung Chao-Ming: zheng (Chinese zither) | Wang Ming: pipa | Wu Wei: sheng (Chinese mouth organ) & erhu (Chinese two string fiddle) | Bernhard Gál: artistic direction, live electronics, sound & light projection
Duration: ca. 50 minutes
The Viennese premiere was commissioned by KIZHIZ - Festival for a young audience.
Further presentations: PhilharmonieVeedel, produced by Kölner Philharmonie, Cologne in May 2007.
Thanks to Gina, Xenia, Chao-Ming and Paul.

Klangschatten II, a follow-up project for traditional Austrian instruments, has been premiered at Wiener Konzerthaus, VIenna in February 2013.

Klangschatten I is featured in Gal's book & DVD video Zwischenbrücken, edition spce | Gromoga, Austria 2015.

Video excerpt (Vimeo)
See 'Klangschatten II'
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