Bernhard Gal - Book & DVD 'Zwischenbrücken', 2015...Bernhard Gal - CD 'same difference', 2010.. Gal - CD 'relive', 2008 - illustration by Nalan Yirtmac.. DVD 'Installations' , Gromoga, Austria 2007.. CD 'Installations' , Gromoga, Austria 2005.. Kai Fagaschinski and Bernhard Gál - 'going roaund in serpentines', Charhizma, Austria 2005.. Book & Audio CD 'Installations'  (Kehrer / Gromoga, 2005).. CD 'Hinaus:: In den, Wald.'  (Klanggalerie, 2004).. CD 'relisten'  (Intransitive Recordings, 2001).. CD 'Defragmentation/blue' (Plate Lunch, 2000).. CD 'bestimmung new york' (Durian, 1999)





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  • Bremsstrahlung

Released Gal: zhu shui (CD 'lowercase sound II', Bremsstrahlung Recordings, USA, 2002)


  • Charhizma

Released Fagaschinski & Gal: going round in serpentines (Audio CD. Charhizma, 2005, charizma 034)


  • Durian

Released Gal #1: bestimmung new york (Audio CD. Durian Records, Austria 1999, durian 009-2)


Released Gal #11: Zwischenbrücken (Book & DVD. edition sp ce | Gromoga, Austria, 2015)


Released Gal #5 & 7-11: 2005-2015


  • Intransitive

Released Gal #3: relisten (Audio CD. Intransitive Recordings, USA, 2001, INT018)


Released Gal #5: Installations (book & audio CD. Kehrer, Germany / Gromoga, Austria, 2005)


Released Gal #4: Hinaus:: In den, Wald. (Audio CD. Klanggalerie, Austria, 2004, Klanggalerie gg52)


  • Plate Lunch

Released Gal #2: Defragmentation/blue (Audio CD. Plate Lunch, Germany, 2000, Plate Lunch PL11)


Released Gal: Dissociated Voices (Catalogue + CDR, Werkstadt Graz, Austria, 2000)









































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  • Portuguese National Radio

  • German National Radio

  • Hessischer Rundfunk, Germany

  • Listener supported radio station covering San Francisco and the SF Bay Area

  • Radio Art Program at the Austrian Public Radio

  • Austrian Public Radio

  • Radio Bremen, Germany

  • Radio Nacional de España, Spain

  • London's independent radio art station

  • Public Radio Station in Berlin, Germany

  • Südwestrundfunk, Germany

  • New music at WDR (Cologne, Germany)

  • Freeform radio station covering the NYC area and NJ

  • Listener-supported radio station of Columbia University, NYC 

  • Listener-supported radio station of Northwestern University, Evanston (Chicago)

































  • music and art organizations


  • Austrian organization for intercultural exchange between Europe and Asia

  • Berlin Artist-in-Residence Program of the DAAD

  • Gallery for Sound and Intermedia

  • Seven Years of Light and Sound. A permanent installation by La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela

  • Great Viennese space for music and theatre

  • Calendar for improvised and experimental music events of Berlin's underground new music scene

  • Transdisciplinary network for art, science and culture in Vienna

  • Intermedia Art Foundation, based in NYC

  • Platform of the Austrian new improv scene, and related friends...

  • Viennese art space for all kinds of experimental activities

  • Sound Art Gallery, Berlin

  • Austrian non-profit organization for music, art and intermedia

  • Visual, concrete + sound poetry











































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  • All Music Guide

  • Australian newsletter for music reviews (defunct, archived reviews only)

  • Befasst sich seit 1992 mit sämtlichen Facetten der Sub- und Counter-Kultur

  • Rock e altre contaminazioni

  • Website for information on a small number of bands and record companies, including reviews, etc etc

  • Netzzeitschrift in Form eines Newsletters. Rezensionen von Filmen, Büchern, Musik und Spielen.

  • Canadian webzine of 'extraordinary sound'

  • Journal of experimental and genre-crossing music

  • Journal of improvised and experimental music

  • Widmet sich der chaotischen Erforschung (sub)kultureller Räume abseits der Akkumulationszentren übelriechenden Mainstreams

  • Written and drawn by British Underground Cartoonists who like music








































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  • Extensive link collection

  • Extensive and growing link directory to Jazz, New Music, Electronic Music, and Indian Music

  • Austrian popular music archives 

  • Information on today's composers

  • More than 9,000 links to new music sites












































  • further austrian links / miscellaneous


  • A continuous 24/7 audio webstream of a recording of Beethoven's ninth symphony stretched to 24 hours.

  • Online memory game based on images and sounds of 200 birds (sound artists: check the sound-only option!), by M. Murauer

  • Our (Austria's) Falco... ;-)

  • Sending Austrian volunteers to Holocaust-related institutions around the world

  • (half-)funny radio program (broadcast archives can be found here)

  • rental apartments online - providing long-term accommodation in Sao Paulo and Vienna

  • Book your transit and listen to the world.

  • Currency Converter

  • Online Chess

  • Think PEACE, Act PEACE, Spread PEACE

  • English-German-French Dictionary

  • Archive of German texts

  • The best band ever

  • Creating evocative verse using random combinations of words

  • Studying some geography before the next trip...

  • Local times around the world

  • Rental Apartments in Vienna

  • 360 degree panographies of UNESCO World Heritage sites



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