Reinstallation, quadrophonic sound installation, 2006




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Quadraphonic sound installation (2006)

With Reinstallation, Bernhard Gal closes a circle of publications which were all dealing with sound materials from various sound installations and intermedia art projects of recent years. The installation consists exclusively of sound fragments from previous sound installations, which Gal dissociated from their original contexts and combined into a 74 minutes-long electroacoustic compositon. In June 2005, the German publishing house Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg published the catalogue book 'Installations', documenting Gal’s intermedia installations from 1999 to 2004. For the accompanying audio CD, sound excerpts from Gal's installations were edited and recombined into a continuous composition which later on was published as an independent audio CD on Gromoga Records. Now Gal in turn takes this composition as a basis for a new work. Reinstallation consists entirely of fragments from the audio cd which are recombined, layered and spatially arranged into a quadrophonic sound installation.

Reinstallation (2006)

DVD player, four-channel audio system


O Lugar, Sao Paulo, August 2008
MAK NITE, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, March 2008
Festival Musicacoustica 2007, Beijing, October 2007
Werkzeug H, Vienna, March 2007
Kunstverein Alte Schmiede, Vienna, December 2006
Festival "Ai-maako 2006", Santiago de Chile, October 2006
Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop, Germany, September 2006
Festival Electric Eclectics, Roxy Theatre, Owen Sound (ON), Canada July 2006 (premiere)

The audio CD Installations was released by Gromoga Records in December 2005. The catalogue book Installations was published by Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg in June 2005.


















































[Reinstallation at the Festival Electric Eclectics, Roxy Theatre, Owen Sound (ON), Canada, July 2006, photos: Gromoga]