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vuer fier

For Quartertone Trumpet, Guitar, Guzheng and Sheng / Xun, 2003

The composition vür fier was created as part of the intercultural project 'Crossroads', a call for short compositions for a hybrid ensemble consisting of two western instruments (guitar, trumpet) and two Chinese instruments (gu-zheng, sheng). This combination shows both one Chinese and one Western wind and string instrument. All participating musicians of the premiere performance were highly skilled virtuosos who developped their individual sound language on their respective instrument and were used to working in all kinds of musical contexts.

The score of vür fier is notated traditionally, however, during the first part, all instruments are free to choose their own time, and to repeat their parts until a specific acoustic signal makes them stop. Thus, a number of unforeseeable combinations of the same sound materials occur. After a short solo interlude presented on the xun (Chinese ocarina), the second part shows a synchronized, “composed” interpretation of the original sound materials. The quasi-German title vür fier can be understood as an ironic comment on the inherent difficulties of any intercultural endeavors.

Franz Hautzinger: trumpet
Burkhard Stangl: guitar
Xu Fengxia: Guzheng (Chinese zither)
Wu Wei: sheng (Chinese mouth organ) / xun (Chinese ocarina)

Instrumentation: trumpet, guitar, sheng / xun, gu-zheng
Duration: variabel, 5 - 10 minutes
Premiere: Porgy & Bess, Vienna; April 1, 2003
Part of the project 'Crossroads', commissioned by AsianCultureLink.

Published as part of the CD same difference, Gromoga Records, 2010.

sound excerpt (1.55)

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